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Now in C r y s t a l

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Hello, you may or may not have seen my discordrb bot, CahBot, but nonetheless, this is the rewritten version, in Crystal

if you’ve gotten to the GitHub repo from the Crystal shards website then hello, this is not a dependency and I don’t know why it’s there thanks

what is this

This is CahBot, but in Crystal

what is CahBot though

CahBot is more or less my pride and joy, it’s a Discord bot that originally was supposed to be a chatbot when I wasn’t online (according to the app description), but you can see how that turned out. Recently I decided, “y’know what, let’s make the same thing, but in a different language”. I wasn’t too well versed in JS yet so I moved to Crystal, being that it’s pretty similar to Ruby. The rewrite is still going on to this date, and there is no bot invite considering how much is currently in it (I’ll save you some time, not a lot). As per my usual developing standards, I’ll not only do the same thing, but add more stuff periodically.

If you’re really dying to see what my bots are about, you can join the tubular Discord server here

Enjoy, I guess